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But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33)


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What you say to a car dealer can and will be used against you ! ----Result?---You'll pay thousands too much!


 Will a man rob God to buy a car?


"May I ask who taught you how to negotiate with car dealers?" , asks Bruce Smith, retired car salesman , founder of the Christian Car Buying Ministry (CCBM) , and Brother In The Business Consulting . Afraid of paying too much? You should be! Why? Because car dealers are NOT PLAYING WITH YOU! Also their secret, "Hold Your Feet to the Fire", intimidation tactics guarantee they'll make outrageous profits on anyone lacking effective, quantifiable, negotiating skills. You also need to know that car dealers are not to blame for making outrageous profits on you because they work hard to earn the commissions that feed their families and pay their mortgages. Additionally, they deserve every penny they make on your deal because it's NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO HELP YOU NEGOTIATE!"







"But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." (Matthew 6:33)


What is Christian Car Buying?


"CCBM saves you thousands and shows you how to avoid compromising financial support of your church"


Mission Statement  


We are "CCBM Certified Negotiators " uniquely qualified in ministry, Inside The Dealership Negotiation Tactics and global technical support. We share secret "Insider Negotiation Strategies" that empower you to break "Generational" strongholds on family car buying finances. We teach you how to effectively negotiate money saving , stress free, fair deals, without fear, intimidation, or "Buyers Remorse".

~ Bruce E. Smith , founder Christian Car Buying Ministry; CEO Brother in the Business Online Consulting


Problem: Bruce says, "Many consumers ignore the importance of developing a quantifiable "Negotiation Strategy" before engaging a dealer!"


Solution: God has globally positioned us to empower you with God inspired, "Life changing", innovative, "Advanced Negotiation Skills Coaching on Inside the Dealership Negotiation Tactics" that will teach you how to quickly and effectively structure your "Declaration To Buy" empowering you to "Cut to the Chase" to negotiate, "Money-Saving-Deals", without fear, intimidation, or buyers remorse.


Testimonial ;"... There was no “high pressure” to buy anything else from the dealer. A matter of fact, it was one of the most “comfortable” car purchases I have ever made. I didn’t leave feeling like I had been taken advantage of.

Bruce, your Christian Car Buying Ministry has been such a blessing to Karen and me. Throughout the selection and purchase process, you and CCBM provided me with a sense of control... I thank God for what He is doing through you to empower His children to be better stewards when purchasing automobiles. "


Dr. Warren H. Stewart, Sr


First Institutional Baptist Church


Bruce says, "When it comes to negotiating there are thousands of worthless," Hand-Me-Down-Negotiation-Strategies" destined to produce one thing --- Buyers Remorse! Why? Because saying just one wrong thing to a car dealer can cause you to leave thousands on the table!"

Feel the power of "Flipping the Script" at the negotiating table using the dealers professional "Insider Negotiating Tactics" against them!


Three "Life Changing" benefits of receiving CCBM coaching:


  1. 1.) Avoid being tricked into compromising financial support of your church!

  2. 2.) Advanced Negotiating Strategies to help you avoid costly, "Dealer Tricks of the Trade"

  3. 3.) Effectively negotiate ANY purchase without fear, intimidation, or buyers remorse


Example: During negotiations a Dealer offers to show you the "Factory Dealer Invoice"


Q: How can you tell what a "Factor Dealer Invoice" looks like? 



Brother In The Business offers you a FREE ,money-saving, consultation BEFORE it's too late ! 


If you want to capitalize on this limited time offer of a FREE consultation or login to Twitter to follow weets from "@Bro_In_Da_Biz" your "Expert Negotiator" on how to avoid "Secret Dealer Tricks Of The Trade"  ACT NOW if you're sick and tired of allowing car dealers to make outrageous, hidden, profits on you!


Click here to schedule your FREE online "Negotiation Skills Coaching" session with Bruce



Note: Our FREE consultations are ONLY for clients purchasing vehicles from auto dealerships (NOT auto sales by Private owners).


 If you're purchasing a pre-owned vehicle click Here for more info or click Here for Kbb.com pre-owned vehicle comparison pricing



Celebrate the "Infusion of Power" that "Cuts to the Chase" dropping dealers to their knees begging for your business! Feel the power of eliminating the stress of "Dealer Double Talk" that once controlled you. Are you ready to learn how to keep more of your hard earned money in your bank account where it belongs? We'll get you "Ready to Rumble" before you enter the "Ring".  You'll never get the price that's "Right" until you learn how to fight!


Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge." Bruce warns buyers, " Everything you say and do, can and will, be used against you to maximize dealer profits.  I learned countless, profitable secrets "Closing Deals" at two of the most ruthless dealerships in Arizona.  My "Insider" view of the "DNA" of car deals along with my "Eat What You Kill" experience has revealed exactly how deals are structured in favor of the dealers. More importantly, my money saving tips and advanced negotiation strategies will enlighten you how to reclaim the "Hidden Profits" concealed deep within the "Dealers Desk" before you sign on the dotted line.


If you're like most you probably don't have a close "Relationship" with anyone in the "Business". Am I right?  Most people say this is due to the negative connotation associated with auto sales.   Ironically, when faced with the daunting task of negotiating with a dealer most consumers buckle under the relentless pressure of not knowing how to speak the dealers "Encrypted Language". Often this creates feelings of hopelessness, extreme anxiety and frustration at the negotiating table.


So, if you want to feel the POWER of being "Transformed " into a "Fearless Negotiator" your POWER is only a mouse click away. Conversely, if you're like many who would rather have a "Root Canal" than have to negotiate with dealers CCBM can expertly negotiate what you consider a "Fair Price" (over the phone) with any dealer worldwide.


Click here for testimonial ...


"Dealers enjoy making outrageous profits on car buyers who ignore the rules of engagement and dare to think they can out negotiate them. So, unless you've been professionally coached by someone with actual " Inside the Dealership " experience, you'll never know exactly how they "Legally" manipulated  you into paying thousands more than necessary. Remember, dealers are entitled to every penny of profit you allow them to earn! So, what's your appetite for risk?"  

 I'm sick and tired of being taken for a ride!

    Sick and tired of feeling intimidated ? 


Since 2003 Bruce has been "Spilling the Beans" about the daunting task of "Negotiating" to those who want to experience the awesome Power of negotiating like a "Pro". Now he invites you to peek over his shoulder as he reveals insider negotiating secrets dealers don't want you to know.  


If you've ever tried those worthless "Internet Negotiating Tips" remember this, Dealers aren't stupid!  Don't you think they anticipated you'd be frantically searching for FREE online negotiating tips?  Ever notice how those "FREE Online Tips" neglect to show you how, when, or where to effectively apply them during negotiations? Do you know how many FREE "Price Quote" web sites contain a costly secret?  Do you know what it is? 


Did you know that many FREE Price Quote websites are secretly hosted by... Guess who?  That's right--Car Dealers! 



If you're sick and tired of getting "Bamboozled" let us empower you!


Hi Bruce!  My sister's calling me from the dealership and she's in tears... are you available to do a conference call to help her negotiate a "Fair" deal ? Your Brother In The Business Consulting will help you develop a " Personal Negotiation Strategy" customized to fit your personality.  Enjoy the empowering confidence of being coached by a "Skilled Negotiator" before you engage a dealer.   Feel the POWER as we show you how to overcome the fear that once controlled you! Negotiate like a "Pro" for the rest of your car buying life!  


I'm sick and tired of being taken for a ride!



“In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.”  Proverbs 3:6 (RSV)


"Perfect Peace" =Knowing that God has globally positioned CCBM to PROTECT YOU!     









"Honey aren't you glad we called Bruce before we got taken for a ride?   "  Honey aren't you glad we consulted with CCBM before we got taken for a ride?  

"BULLET- PROOF " your negotiation skills now or they'll continue making huge profits on you !" 


  " Wow! This is like having a "Brother" in the business! - J. B. Phoenix, AZ"

"If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives to all men generously and without reproaching, and it will be given him." James 1:5 (RSV)

Do you want to keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket?  


"My people perish from lack of knowledge" (Hosea 4:6 NIV)


During your FREE consultation we'll introduce you to our Research Lab portal which gives you immediate access to:


Instructional Videos

 Car Buying Advice

 Invoice pricing 

 Auto Loans 

 Vehicle Specifications

 Model Comparisons 


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