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Dear Bro. Bruce,

"Thank God my hubby and I listened to you!!! We are so blessed with our new car and the great deal!!!! God is good, and we cannot believe the money we saved....YES!!!"

Rev. Mallory Porche


Dear Pastor Stewart,

I would like to thank you for having the Christian Car Buying Ministry available for me to use. After I graduated from Alabama State University in the Spring of 2008, I was thinking of buying a new car.  My mother told me about Christian Car Buying Ministry and told me to call Bro. Bruce. I received a lot of helpful information in my car buying search and research from CCBM. Bro. Bruce Smith was VERY patient with me and helped me build the courage needed to stand up to the car salesmen. If it weren't for the CCBM, I would have revived a car that I didn't want and couldn't afford. Thank you again Pastor Stewart for CCBM, and thank you Bro. Bruce Smith and the CCBM for all your help.
God Bless,

Kendria Chewning

Mr. Smith,

I'm a car salesman in the business for three years and I solicit your continued prayers as I seek a career change.  I grow increasingly weary of the endless "Games" and lies (most) clients tell as I try to feed my family of six. I must share that over the past three years I've had mixed feelings about CCBM. I praise God for your ministry yet I dislike the fact that I've rarely made more than a "Mini" (smallest commission) on the clients "Coached" by you!  Nevertheless, every sales opportunity with your referrals that I've "Closed" I knew it happened , as a result of your clients "Legitimate" offer, that allowed me to put another "Unit" on the board. I'm especially grateful because your clients don't waste our time with "Unrealistic" offers unlike those who haven't had the benefit of your coaching. Also, I was pleasantly surprised when a recent client shared that you encourage all your clients to include dealers and our families in their prayers.

In closing,  I want you to know that your compassionate, relevant "Coaching" makes it my personal pleasure to serve any car shopper who says they were referred by CCBM because I know they already said a prayer that included me. 

Blessed by your Ministry,

(*Salesman's name withheld at senders request )


"Dear Bro. Bruce, we wish we had taken my sisters advice and consulted with CCBM five years ago before that fateful Saturday when we wandered into that mall parking lot "Tent Sale".  As we enjoyed the "Free-Food" we said, " Ok, we'll take a test drive but ... we're really just... looking.  Fast forward 3 1/2 hrs later we're driving home in our new ride with an 84 month sales contract. Did someone "Spike the Kool-Aid"?   Sure, we love the compliments from family and friends (on our new ride) but we also feel ashamed and guilty because we allowed the "Spirit of Lust" rush us into signing a "Bad Deal" (84 month car payment) before seeking advice from CCBM. We used to be happy to financially support our church but now whenever we hear Malachi 3: 6-12 we feel ashamed almost like we're driving a stolen car. Please share our story along with this scripture so others can learn from our mistake." 

Robbing God

in Seattle, WA

Malachi 3: 6-12


Greetings Mr. Smith,

Just wanted to say God bless you and thank you for your prayers and expertise in "Coaching" my son on how to negotiate fairly so the car

dealers would not take advantage of him. Thanks to you he negotiated a fair car deal and we are very grateful to CCBM and pastor

Stewart for providing this relevant, global online ministry. CCBM helped our son acquire economical, fuel efficient, transportation as he

prepares for Thunderbird School of Global Management this fall.

Your Global Siblings in Christ,
Dr. Cecil & Mrs. Hana Al-baroni
P.O. Box 541
Benghazi, Libya


From: Warren H. Stewart Sr
Subject: RE: Christian Car Buying Ministry appreciation
Cc: "'Bruce'" <Bruce@ChristianCarBuying.org>
Date: Thursday, July 9, 2009, 1:54 PM


To God be the glory! Thank you for using Brother Bruce Smith’s Christian Car Buying Ministry. I am so thankful that it was a blessing to you and thank you for
continuing to pay your tithes. GOD IS FAITHFUL!

Pastor Stewart
From: Bettina Gross
Sent: Thursday, July 09, 2009 12:26 PM
Subject: Christian Car Buying Ministry appreciation

Dear Pastor Stewart,


I wanted to express to you how grateful I am for the Christian car buying ministry at FIBC. As a result of utilizing this ministry recently, I saved hundreds of dollars on a
brand new vehicle and I am able to continue paying my tithes. Thank you for your continued support of this ministry as FIBC Pastor because it is such a great resource
and help!


Sister Bettina Gross


Good morning Bruce!

I stuck with your plan and I got an updated car. Thank you and God bless you for all your support and advice on this matter.

Paige Clayton II



Dear Brother Bruce,

Please pardon the long delay in getting this e-mail to you. I'm sure that I have said thank you for all of the assistance from you through the Christian Car Buying Ministry. I'm finally making the time to document my appreciation & thanks!!!

Many, Many beneficial tips helped us through the process. It's truly a blessing the Ministry is advertised through our congregation at FIBC. We're so blessed to have this unique ministry of service through your efforts.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Season. GJBT & ART


Dear Brother Bruce,


I made a mistake when I told you that the figures you gave me were the same as those Ben gave me.   I was wrong and apologize for this terrible mistake. Please know that I am grateful for the saving of $1,300.00 and your success in negotiating the color of my choice.  I am pleased to know that you were willing to use your gifts to help me and the church. The brotherly love shown me from my initial contact about a car, and the completion of the sale shall always be cherished. I will think of you and Beverly often while driving the "Praise Mobile" that God sent me through you.  To Him be the glory.  I will donate to the Hope Center as God has dictated. I hope to see you in class Sunday. I thank God for you and will remember you in my prayers. Thanks again.


Yours in Christ,

Lottie V. Lecian




"Bruce’s Christian Car Buying Workshop was awesome! He was energetic, insightful, and real. He did not try to sell us cars. He objectively taught us how to save money

Recently my wife and I had to purchase a new car unexpectedly. We were able to use specific techniques that we learned from Bruce’s workshop to make the process painless. We knew what to look for and how to get the best deal for our money. We would highly recommend this seminar to anyone preparing to purchase a new or used car"  

Rev. Richard Hicks, Jr.

First Institutional Baptist Church


Dear Brother Smith,

Your ministry has filled a tremendous void at our church.  Thanks to you my pastor has encouraged me contact you for information about starting a CCBM chapter at our church.  Although my friends meant well had I taken their advice I would have left thousands on the table.  Thank you for the empowering wisdom you provide to help young inexperienced car buyers like me. 

Your secrets armed me with professional "Negotiation Skills" I can use today.   Instead of simply negotiating for me you challenged me to think "Outside the Box".  The relevant negotiation strategies you shared taught me how to ensure my "Best Deal" for a lifetime.  I especially enjoyed your tips for how to avoid being overcharged for overpriced fabric protection, VIN Number window etching, "Clearcoat" and inflated pricing on "Auto After Market" add on items.  We appreciate you and praise God  for your life and this useful ministry.


Raleigh, NC


Dear Mr. Smith,

First let me thank God for your ministry and everything you all do to help young people like me by providing an online forum for those seeking Christian Car Buying advice.  I'm a 29 year old attorney, divorced mother of two children.  I was intrigued by an excerpt from your recent newsletter (forwarded to me by a friend) describing the 2007 ES350 Lexus for that lady in Chi-Town who you helped avoid a "Negative Equity" dilemma.

In my opinion she failed to act when your advice clearly warned her that "Time was of the Essence".   This is a classic example that illustrates what you meant when you said that your ministry can't help everybody.

Today I went to your CCBM website where I've officially registered and I look forward to our first online consultation.  Also I visited your "Research Lab" which I must confess has already saved me a lot of time and energy.  I appreciate the convenience and invaluable tips that will definitely help me in my quest to negotiate a "Fair Deal".   God bless you and your pastor for anticipating the universal need for such a relevant, money-saving ministry. 

 M.L. , Elk Grove, IL.



Dear FIBC and CCBM,

 I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.  PSALM  34:4 (NIV)Just wanted to let you know that when I was scanning each paragraph with a magnifying glass (like you suggested:-) I noticed a discrepancy in the sales contract.   I promptly got up and called CCBM for a consultation. 

You should have seen the look on the F&I guys face when I said I was calling my "Brother In The Business™™™" to help me renegotiate  ----or I was leaving.  Realizing they were about to lose a sale they reluctantly agreed.

I was amazed that the new price we arrived at by renegotiating saved us a whopping $3,351.79 more than before ! 

My pastor said God bless you for the CCBM newsletter which he plans to use to help us start a local Christian Car Buying Ministry .

Empowered, Relieved and Grateful  

C.B.C.O.G.I.C  Niagara Falls N.Y.


Hey Bruce,

You'd think we were getting the best deal from the "Internet Fleet  Manager" because he's my "Tennis Buddy" right?  Wrong!   I'm so glad we listened to God's voice and consulted with CCBM for a second opinion because the knowledge you shared enabled us to beat my friends terms on the new lease by  $2,782.23 on a 36 month lease.

The peace of mind was priceless in knowing we got the best deal possible because of you. From the money saved we were blessed to cheerfully donate 10% to our church missionary outreach.  Thanks again, God bless and keep up the good work. 

G. Davidson

Yonkers, NY


This guy has no idea how well Bruce prepared us for this moment"Bruce engaged us in "Role Playing" by creating dealership negotiation scenarios that were so "Lifelike" we felt every emotion imaginable but when it was over we felt empowered !  Energized from this experience our confidence soared as we learned powerful, secret strategies to employ as a team!  Now we can hardly wait to buy our next car where we'll be thinking, " Mr. Car Dealer say hello to your worst nightmare because this time ---we ain't layin down!" 


T.P. Marchiafava, Long Island,NY


Anthony said, " I'm only 22 and at first I just didn't " get it " so we "Role Played" intensely for 57 minutes straight until that moment of discovery---" Ever since Bruce told me exactly what to say and how to say it  I can't wait to help mom negotiate her deal!"                                                        when suddenly ---I felt something!  It reminded me of when I was 4 and I stuck that paperclip in the light socket!  I leaped to my feet, stomping and screaming , I got it! - I got it ! 

After I calmed down there was a sense of "Peace and Satisfaction" all over me. I noticed that the fear and intimidation had suddenly disappeared!  I finally discovered the secret of how to bring dealers to their knees begging for my business!                                   

R. Lopez Albuquerque, NM




Thanks a million for your invaluable assistance with a recent used-car purchase. My friend is very satisfied with the used car she purchased, utilizing Bruce’s Christian Car Buying techniques. Thank you again for allowing the Lord to use you in such a mighty way and providing us with critical consumer knowledge."

   Ken Arrington, Sr.
  First Baptist Church of  Glen Arden
  Landover, MD

"Bruce, I think I'll take you with me next time I have to buy a car!" 

P.Bridges. - Phoenix, AZ.




FREE LIMITED TIME OFFER: To avoid getting "Taken for a Ride" consumed by "Legal Negotiation Tactics" if you'll Email us to discuss your goals (before signing any contracts) we'll assess your needs and "Coach" you to effectively negotiate your deal saving you thousands before you pay too much. 

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